February 19, 2010

Tumbl'd Entertainment News for the Week of 2/19

Each week the entertainment world is flooded with news. Big news, little news, inconsequential news, and funny news. It flies around the web at breakneck pace and no matter wear you turn, no matter what entertainment site you go to, it all looks the same. Sure, the opinion may be different, but the core piece of information is the same.

Now, I would love to get in on the fun, but I barely have time to read it, much less write it. So, I try to do the next best thing, I send some of the more interesting (to me) stories out across the web on the Critical Outcast Tumblr blog and then, at the end of the week, gather them together and add some of my own thoughts. Hopefully, you will find this interesting, entertaining, and maybe even worthwhile!

The Last Airbender - Trailer
I am surprised by how good this looks. I am completely unfamiliar with the show, but must admit to being a little excited about the film. Could M. Night Shyamalan be back on track?

Riddick Sequel in the Works
It is official, there will be another Riddick film and both writer/director David Twohy (A Perfect Getaway) and Vin Diesel are back onboard. Talk is that the film will be more in the vein of Pitch Black than The Chronicles of Riddick. Whatever the case, I am in.

Zombieland the TV Show
Originally conceived as a television show, the show nver got off the ground and migrated to the big screen. Even while the sequel is being planned, in 3D no less, there are still ideas kicking to take the story to the small screen. Could be interesting. What do you think?

Roland Emmerich Developing Asimov's Foundation
This has me worried. I love the Foundation stories, but I worry what Emmerich may turn them into. I mean, he is known for the visual pyrotechnics but not so much for the story. If there is a series that needs a delicate touch, it is this one. I am hoping for the best while expecting the worst.

Season of the Witch (2010?) Pulled from the Schedule
Despite the advertising campaign that was already underway, the Nicolas Cage film has been pulled from the schedule and is now without a release date. The film set during the Crusades is one I was actually looking forward to. I wonder how long I will have to wait?

Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever - Bloody Clip
I cannot believe this will be good, but this clip looks like fun.

Suicide Girls Must Die - Trailer
I cannot say this looks like a good idea, but I do like the Suicide Girls! This is a horror film that s also a reality film with no script and the girls are not in on it. I am sure I'll see it at some point.

Gomorrah - "Excrement"
Latest video for the metal act. Not bad.

Gomorah from Scott Hansen on Vimeo.

Cyrus - Trailer
This is going to be fun. Jonah Hill and John C. Reilly in a battle of wits. Who will win?

Get Him to the Greek - Trailer
If one Jonah Hill film isn't enough, here is another. This time he is paired with Russell Brand in a spin off of Forgetting Sarah Marshall. So, we know Brand is the same character, is Hill the same character?

Defendor - Trailer
Woody Harrelson takes up the mantle of a superhero with the film's title. This looks good, but is it to close to Kick Ass?

ECW Shuts Down
For the second time the ECW brand is being shuttered. The first time was when they went under and WWE bought them and now as an extension of WWE. With it closing, a new reality show called NXT will take its place.

Chris Pine for Captain America?
Pines is the latest name to be mentioned in conjunction with the role. I say why not? I think he has the right look and could pull the role off. If Robert Downey Jr can be Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes, why cant Pine be Cap and Kirk?

Portnoy and Avenged Sevenfold
A7X was left devastated following the death of Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan in late December. The band is now getting ready to hit the studio and have asked Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy to sit in for the album sessions. This could be an interesting mix pending fulltime replacement. Portnoy is a very good drummer.

I Spit on Your Grave Could See the Big Screen
Anchor Bay picked up distribution rights for the remake of the 1978 film and have signaled intentions to release it on the big screen. I wonder how it is? I cannot imagine it will be as good as the Last House on the Left remake.

Carla Gugino Joins Faster
Following the departure of Salma Hayek from the Dwayne Johnson starring thriller questions arose as to who would step in. The question has been answered.

A Movie is Set to be Based on Erector Sets
What can be said? If this gets made it is bound to be  disaster.

Tekken - Trailer
Can this be worse than Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li? The trailer looks downright awful.

The Wolfman  is a New Moon Rip Off
Let's end the week with a little comedy, just check out the column. It says it better than I ever could.

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