Critical Outcast has officially existed since August 2009. Before that it was known as Draven99's Musings and has been active since May 2004. It was essentially the same place and run by the same person. The biggest difference was that it did not have it's own domain. The content has been and will continue to be entertainment related with a strong focus on reviews of titles new and old.

About Christopher Beaumont.
I love movies, music, and television. That is the main reason I started this site. I have a love and I want to share my thoughts and experiences. I have no formal training as a journalist, writer, or critic, it is something that I greatly enjoy and hope that I provide columns that are worth reading. I am not a good writer and do not think I ever will be, I just hope that over time my skills develop in ways that help me express my views in a fashion that makes sense. I will occasionally write about news topics, but I am not much of a news guy, timing has never been on my side, however, if you visit the official Critical Outcast Tumblr you will find links to entertainment news I am interested in as well as new posters, trailers, stills, and more.

My love for movies expands beyond what you find at the local theater (although that does comprise a bulk of what I write about) and I am always looking to refine and hone my taste. If you were to graph my tastes it would likely look like an inverse bell curve. I work hard at feeding both ends of the scale. I will always love and have an appreciation for those films considered great, the classics that have been made though the decades, but I will also love the B movies, the Z movies, and the movies that many would right off. Low budget, big budget, classic or trash, I love them. Sure, if I don't like a movie, I will certainly let you know. Just be aware that I have a wide range of movies I love. I am sure you will get a feel for my tastes as you peruse the site and read my coverage of theatrical screenings as well as DVD and Blu-ray.

Music is another of my loves. I got into music a little bit late and missed a lot of good stuff the first time around. My music enjoyment is a bit more narrow than my movie tastes, but I try to expand my horizons where applicable. The bulk of my listening is metal and that is the genre you will find most of my reviews in, although you will also find rock, world, pop, hip hop, film scores, and others mixed in there as well.

I am an avid television viewer but my writings in that area are few and far between.