May 3, 2012

Single Minded: Miss May I - "Hey Mister"

Miss May I is a name I keep seeing pop up lately. Maybe it is just because I am noticing their press releases, I don't know. Anyway, "Hey Mister" is the first track I have listened to by them and I cannot say it encourages me to really look into them. It just feels redundant and common. They don't have that spark that indicates something special. It just doesn't do much for me.

The metalcore genre, of which this seems to squarely fall into, has been falling into a been there, done that rut. Opinion seems to be turning on them, but they are still around. Anyway, with Miss May I, I hear a band that reminds me of Unearth, just not as good. This song strikes me as awkward. This is a lyric video over a series of marketing images, not really a music video. Watching the words flash on the screen and listen to them being sung, it just seemed really weird. It is almost like they didn't try to make the words and the music match, the pacing seems off, resulting in a vocal line that doesn't have a very good flow. I have certainly heard worse, but I cannot say I care to look for more.

What say you?

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