May 3, 2012

Single Minded: Despite Exile - "Perfection Neutralized"

I cannot say I have ever heard of Despite Exile. What I can say is that only having heard one song, I want to hear more. The band hails from Italy and released their debut album in 2011. This track comes from their forthcoming 3-track EP. If the rest is along these lines, they are definitely a band I want to get to know a litle better.

"Perfection Neutralized" is an intense slab of melodic/technical/brutal metal. Don't ask me what genre to call it, I am terrible at it and usually just make up my own. This cut has some very -core style muted rhythms, some intense drums, and some nicely melodic segments, all led by one hell of a blood curdling screamer. There is a nice marriage of melody and brutality that benefits from their considerable technical skills.

Eh, it doesn't matter what I say, just check it out:

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