May 4, 2012

Single Minded: Job for a Cowboy - "Imperium Wolves"

Job for a Cowboy is a band I did not really care for much when I first heard them. It also didn't help when they headlined the Radio Rebellion tour some years back over the likes of Behemoth and Gojira (both of which I consider to be much better). Anyway, they have slowly won me over, if only a little. Their style has been evolving and their latest album, Demonocracy, is easily their best effort to date.

The latest single is "Imperium Wolves" and it has gotten the lyric video treatment (when did these things come into vogue?). It is a solid tech/death track with a pretty solid solo. I do not think they will ever reach the upper echelon, but they should certainly be able to keep crafting some decent metal tunes for us. This is a good one worth spending some time with.

Check it out:

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