December 10, 2008

The Day the Earth Stood Still In Space!

In the lives of many franchises, well horror franchises, they reach a point where their horrors cannot be constrained to the friendly confines of the Earth. Land based horror runs its course and we get bored and need to find new avenues to satisfy the audience. Fox is taking it a step further, no, they are not sending Gort back into space or filming the stars in space, they are putting the movie itself into space. At least that is what the press release posted at says.

Our over the air broadcasts of radio and television have been radiating out into space for decades, although never on purpose. In the past we have sent things purposefully out into deep space for anyone who may be watching/listening and has the technology to translate it. We have sent a Doritos commercial, a Beatles song, and pictures of Britney Spears. Upon reading that, perhaps Fox beaming a movie into deep space isn't quite so silly. Fortunately, SETI has sent more practical information like information about the Solar System and the human body (great, give them information on how best to kill us).

Fox's announcement that the new take on The Day the Earth Stood Still will be sent into deep space just strikes me as odd and a waste of time and resources. On the other hand, I must admit that a little piece of me is like "Cool!"


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