December 10, 2008

Universal Shuffles 2009 Feature Schedule

Variety is reporting that Universal has shuffled their 2009 schedule a little bit. It is nothing I would call terribly major, although I do find it a little interesting.

The first change is that Wolfman has been moved from April 3 to November 6. This makes me a little sad as I am interested in seeing it, but it also seems to show a bit more faith in the feature as it now on the edge of Oscar season. It also makes it a little more seasonal being close to Halloween. The remake/reboot/reimagining/whatever the buzz word of the week is stars Benicio Del Toro and is directed by Joe Johnston.

Second change is the new take on Robin Hood, Nottingham, has been bumped completely from 2009 and while now grace screens in 2010. The film is set to star Russell Crowe as the famous sheriff with Ridley Scott at the helm. I am keenly interested in this as it cannot be worse than Kevin Costner's take, although it was not awful.

Finally Universal does not want that early April slot to go bare so they are moving Fast and Furious, the fourth in the series, from June 12 to April 3. It does not hurt that the film is already completed while Wolfman still has much work to be done. It also seems like a good slot for the actioner, help get the ramp up to summer off with a little adrenaline.

A few months to go and we can begin to see if the moves pay off.


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