November 10, 2008

Black Panther to be Voiced by Djimon Hounsou

Superhero Hype is reporting that BET and Marvel have inked Djimon Hounsou to provide the voice of Black Panther for an upcoming animated series to air on the BET television network. You know, I cannot think of a better person for the job.

While I think Hounsou is the right man for the job, I have to wonder if the project is going to be any good. The output of Marvel's animation group has not been all that great. No, not terrible, but nothing to get all that excited about.

Now, here is an idea, why not do a Black Panther film and sign Djimon Hounsou to play the role in live action? The man can act, can do action, and I think would do a great job in the role.

Hey, it's an idea.


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