November 10, 2008

Brett Ratner to Tackle Conan

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Brett Ratner has made a decision on his next project. Apparently he was mulling over a fourth entry in the Beverly Hills Cop franchise or taking on a new spin on Robert E. Howard's barbarian.

Ratner is in final negotiations to helm the project that is looking at a 2010 release. The project already has a script in progress by Joshua Oppenheimer and Thomas Dean Donnelly who are working on incorporating some of Ratner's notes.

The new film is said to have a budget in the area of $85 million and will be targeting an R-rating. That I like. This is a barbarian film, there needs to be some bloodshed and violence. Still, I am not sure what I think of Ratner at the helm, the man has never really stood out as a visionary director and I think a new Conan will need someone to champion him to something huge and epic. Time will tell.


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