November 10, 2008

Bad Idea = Making a Spoof Movie of Spoof Movies

Yes, this sounds like an absolutely horrible idea. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that writer/director David Murphy is making a movie that spoofs spoofs. Frankly, I think we would be better off with another _____ Movie.

As the story goes a Hollywood producer played by Chevy Chase quits his position leaving his ex-con brother, Michael Madsen, in charge. Madsen brings in a gangster friend, played by Vinnie Jones, who goes onto assign a production assistant to direct a spoof movie that spoofs other spoof movies. Then the movie within a movie will feature cameos of actual C-list actors playing themselves.

Wow. This just sounds absolutely horrible. As if the spoofs we are getting aren't bad enough already, the fact that someone thinks they are worthy of being spoofed themselves is just a sad state of affairs. I generally try not to be completely against projects off the bat, but I am finding it very hard to find anything positive about this one.

I guess it is good to see Chevy Chase still getting work.....


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