September 19, 2008

Chaplin: 15th Anniversary Edition - DVD Art, Stills

Sixteen years ago Robert Downey, Jr. starred as silent film and comedy legend Charlie Chaplin. Surprisingly, I have always been interested in seeing this film, but never have. Now that we have a new DVD release maybe I should finally take the time, no? This anniversary DVD release will feature newly remastered audio and video, as well as a host of bonus material. The extras will include a couple brand new featurettes as well as a never before released home video of Chaplin on vacation. Below are a few stills and the cover art for the new edition, due out October 14, 2008.

Chaplin1 Chaplin2 Chaplin4 Chaplin3 Chaplin5 Chaplin7 Chaplin6 Chaplin8 Chaplin9 Chaplin10 Chaplin11 Chaplin12 Chaplin13



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