September 19, 2008

Guy Ritchie May Have Found His Watson

In case you did not know, Guy Ritchie, director most famous for Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch (not to mention being married to Madonna), is set to direct a new take on the classic Sherlock Holmes character. It now appears that he has found his Watson, or at least Coming Soon is reporting that an A-lister is in negotiations.

First, you should know that the incredibly red hot Robert Downey Jr., bolstered by Iron Man and Tropic Thunder is signed on to play the sleuth. If anyone can pull the roll off, he can. Now, as for his Watson, it may be none other than Jude Law. That's right. Interesting, no?

I am not sure I can see these two working together. No, not out of any inability to do the job, I just have a hard time picturing them together. Still, they are a couple of first rate actors and I would definitely be in line to see the film. As for Guy Ritchie, I have to wonder if his career os on the slide, with Swept Away being universally panned and Revolver not doing much better. I suppose his latest, Rocknrolla, will be a telling factor.

It should also be mentioned that a comedy version of Holmes is also in the works, starring Sacha Baron Cohen.


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