March 10, 2008

A Third Ice Age? Really?

Well, it appears to be a done deal. /film is reporting that a third Ice Age film will be heading to the big screen in 2009, July to be exact, complete with a picture of the official standee. It is carrying th subtitle of Dawn of the Dinosaurs. Makes one wonder just how they are going to manage this one, considering the dinosaurs were a already history by the time the Ice Age occurred. I guess it is time to start coming up with theories as to how Scrat and the rest of the Ice Age gang end up meeting the dinos.

Let's get some ideas snowballing (hehe, get it? do ya? ahh forget it):
  • Doc Brown shows up with his time traveling train from the third Back to the Future film and takes them on a trip through time.
  • Somehow, the end of the Age in the second film washes them to the Lost island, where the time distortion sends them back to the dinosaurs time.
  • The guys from A Sound of Thunder try their experiment again, this time the butterfly sends a ripple into the Ice Age, allowing dinosaurs to survive.
  • The Enterprise slingshots around the sun, builds a container in the shuttle bay and brings our Mammoth, Sabretooth tiger, and the rest even further back in time.
  • Hmmm, any other ideas?

My other question would be: do we really need another Ice Age? I liked the first one, the second one wore thin, and I suspect a third will continue the trend of diminishing returns. Of course, both of the films made buckets of cash and Shrek the Third proved you don't need to make a good movie to earn enough cash to build a house with (actually build the house out of cash).

I am sure I'll end up seeing it, but at this point, more than a year from release, I am going to say it will kinda suck.


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