March 10, 2008

Heath Ledger's Will Revealed

Heath Ledger's tragic death has brought up an important point, update your will and insurance and what have you whenever you have a life changing event. It is impossible to foretell what will happen in the future, near or far, but the knowledge that anything could happen is of utmost importance. This point is made by the revelation of Ledger's will.

As reported at, his will states that everything be left to his parents and three sisters. The will was last updated in 2003, two years prior to meeting Michelle Williams and, obviously, before the love of his life, his daughter Matilda, entered his life. The lack of Matilda in the will begged the question of whether or not any provisions would be made for her.

To answer the question of Matilda's care, Ledger's father, Kim, released a statement saying: "Matilda is an absolute priority and Michelle is an integral part of our family. They will be taken care of and that's how Heath would want it to be."

This paints the Ledger family as a class act. It is also indicative how I would expect any family to act when their blood is at stake. However, in the current state of Hollywood and the extended families of those related to Tinseltown, I would not be surprised to find someone with greed in their eyes want to strictly abide by the will and take everything. This is not what I want to see happen, or really expect to happen, but it would not surprise me.

Among the documents revealed, it was shown that Ledger had approximately $145,000 in New York based assets, including his car and the furniture in his apartment. It does not include anything that he may have in Australia, nor the townhouse he shared with Michelle Williams.

My thoughts still go out to the Ledger family in the aftermath of their loss.


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