March 10, 2008

Warner Brothers has a Bone for You

I am sure you all remember Bone, right? Come on, there have to be a few comic fans out there that now about the Bone family and the long running independent comic? I admit that my experience the book is rather limited, but I have to say that whenever I saw any of them, I was always entertained. Now it looks like Bone is going to reach a much wider audience. Warner Brothers has picked it up to develop an animated feature/series (no decision has yet been made past the option), reported by CHUD. This could prove to be a classic in the making. Well, maybe, so long as they don't screw it up.

Jeff Smith's creation has been on the animated track before. It was once picked up by Nickelodeon, but they wanted to take it in an overly child-targeted direction, which Smith did not approve of. Rest assured, he still retains creative control in this new deal with Warner and will be serving as executive producer.

Whatever happens, there is nothing but potential with either direction they move in. Let's just hope they don't screw it up.


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