March 28, 2008

Dr. Sara is Back on Prison Break is reporting that Sarah Wayne Callies will be returning for the fourth season of Prison Break. I know what you're thinking: "Didn't they killer her off?" and "Wasn't the character decapitated?" Both very valid questions. Questions that are answered in a Q&A session Michael Ausiello had with producer Matt Olmstead. All I hope for is a story that makes at least a bit of sense.

The one character that helped bring out the humanity in the show, to play counterpoint to the escape and the conspiracy theories was Dr. Sara Tancredi. She was the resident doc at Fox River penitentiary. It is here that she met Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) and there slow burn attraction/romance began. It built all through the first season and become more intense during their separation in season two.

In the third season it was nearing the boiling point as Scofield was once again behind bars. This is when reality stepped in and reared it's ugly head. Due to some plot changes necessitated by the network, it became necessary for the Sara character to leave for at least awhile. Callies was not happy about it and the negotiations became ugly. It was then decided to just kill her off. This was done by having her apparently decapitated by the season three baddie.

Now it appears that the two sides have kissed and made up and she will be back fulltime for the fourth season. This begs the question: How? Will she be a zombie? Have her head reattached with bolts ala the Frankenstein Monster?

My favorite idea would be to have Scofield wake up back in Fox River, revealing seasons two and three to have been a dream. This would have a very much alive Sara Tancredi and would also allow for the return of Peter Stormare's character.

Of course none of that is going to happen.

Her return is going to be explained off by the fact that the decapitation was never shown, meaning it did not happen (at least not to Sara). This also means that Linc is dumb enough not to recognize her head when it was shown to him in the box, and LJ didn't see what he thinks he saw when he claims to have witnessed the decapitation. This means we have seriously stupid or gullible characters.

As much as I like the idea of having her face back on the weekly television scene, what it means for the show is very much undecided. I am leery of this return. I will give it a shot, so long as they still have something for T-Bag to do. Now there is an entertaining and seriously creepy character.


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