March 28, 2008

Children of Men to Come to the Small Screen?

2006 brought with it a film that is rapidly climbing towards the top of my all time list. Words cannot begin to descibe how much I love this film. Of course, the film in question is Children of Men, loosely adapted from the novel of the same name and shepherded to the big screen by Alfonso Cuaron. It now appears that the story could be in the process of being adapted again, this time for a television series, as being reported by /film.

At the recent upfronts for the Sci Fi Channel, producer David Eick, who was integral to bringing the brilliant reimagining of Battlestar Galactica and the canceled too soon Bionic Woman to the small screen, announced that this project is in the works. Frankly, I am excited about the possibility.

As presented by Cuaron, this is a richly textured universe that offers much in the way of story possibilities. In a statement by Eick it appears that instead of a war film, the series would focus more on issues of personal responsibility and a complete focus on youth. With youth fast becoming a thing of the past in this universe it is natural that a high level of attention would be paid, much more so than that of our current society and its focus on young stars who are famous for being famous.

It also appears that this is not going to be a take off of the film, so much as it will be taking the ideas and concepts and starting it as its own separate project. This is a good idea, and one that excites me to no end. This could be a very interesting project. Whether or not it actually makes it to the screen is another issue. Here's hoping.


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