December 14, 2015

Event Recap: Hudson Horror Show XXII - Slasher Sequels, Killer Hands, Heavy Metal, and Gang Warfare

I am so sad that it is over. You honestly have no idea. For a day the whole world just disappears and all I have are the movies. Well, not just the movies, I have the friends. I probably sound like a broken record, but I am sure some of you can attest, the two annual Hudson Horror Show marathons are among my favorite days of the year. Nothing else matters. I get to sit in a theater, watch movies, get some cool stuff from cool vendors, and hang out with friends. There really is nothing quite like it. Even if the movie is a bit lackluster, there is always something special about seeing it projected from 35mm with a crowd.

The day started just like any other, except there may have been a bit more energy, a little easier to wake up and get going. So, I got of bed and get ready for the day. I made sure to get to the theater a little on the early side, this allows for more time to hang with friends, and also be early enough in line to get my usual seat once we got inside the theater. I am standing in line, catching up with friends and acquaintances. It feels as if I know half of the people standing there, and not just my fellow ticket holders, but Chris and the rest of the Hudson Horror Show team, and a whole bunch of the vendors. I am just surrounded by awesome people.

The day started off with Stunt Rock, an insane little imperfect gem with some serious pacing issues. I cannot say that I really liked it, but it was fun with a crowd. For those who don’t know, it is essentially a 90 minute reel of a stunt guy doing stunts (duh) mixed with clips of the metal band Sorcery performing. There is no plot, none, zilch, nada, so don’t bother looking for one. Some of the stunt stuff is fun and the music isn’t half bad, but it begins to grate after awhile. Still, one movie I had never seen before and this was probably the best way to be introduced to it.

Movie two is a super secret movie. You will not find the title here/ Suffice to say it is a real gem, a nice shiny one. It is a movie that kind of sneaks up on you with how good it is, as you may not be expecting it. It contains some of the best work by the notable cast members. It was also my second time getting to see it projected. Now, if you ever want to know what the secret movies are, be sure to grab a ticket for the next show and get in on it. You won’t be disappointed.

Moving right along, the third movie is a little thing called Demonoid. It is the tale of a possessed hand that kills! This is another one that plays better with a crowd. It stars Samantha Eggar and she becomes the target of the hand when it is freed from its prison and begins to body hop and kill. It is a slow burn that really drags at time. It has some moments of unintentional hilarity. There is a longer, cleaner version of the movie called Macabro. Both versions are on the recently released Blu-ray from Vinegar Syndrome, who sponsored this print for the show.

The fourth film is the first of many sequels to a classic slasher. It is Friday the 13th Part 2 and it originally hit theaters in 1981. The first appearance of the full grown Jason is a keeper. It introduces us to the maniac in a pretty wild movie with some solid kills. Although, it does bring up some questions. How did he find Adrienne King? In the first movie she mentioned living in California, did he fly? Walk? I like to think that Michael Myers taught him how to drive. There is also the case of the missing counselors, of all the Fridays, this may be the one with the most survivors. The print looked great. This film was sponsored by Jordan and the B Movie Film Vault.

The fifth film of the night strays from horror, but still feels closely related to the genre. It is none other than Walter Hill’s classic The Warriors. It is like a gritty comic book sprung to life on the big screen as we watch the gang try to make it back to Coney Island after being targeted as the killer of another gang boss. This is a movie that captures the magic of cinema, it is gritty, grimy, fun, funny, and thrilling. It looked absolutely wonderful on the big screen.

Closing out the night we have another sequel to a classic horror, a sequel to the horror movie that set the template for slashers to come. It is Halloween II, a movie that stands as one of the best slashers ever made. It is super creepy, violent, has a touch of sleaze, and plays everything wonderfully. The great looking print was just the way to end the night, such a classic film.

I know I kind of raced through the movies, but this is just a taste. In addition to the movies, we also had a nice selection of trailers. Here is a listing of the ones that played:

Innocent Blood
Phantom of the Paradise
Viva Kneivel!
Happy Birthday to Me
Amityville II: The Possession
Blue Steel
Without Warning
Galaxy of Terror
Humanoids from the Deep
Savage Island
The Hearse
Quiet Cool
Death Valley

Pretty cool, right? Not only do we get great movies, but trailers from 35mm film.

It isn’t even all movies, there are a ton of vendors too! Artists, movies, toys, collectibles, books, music, you name it. There were some great folks selling cool stuff. I managed to snag a couple of limited edition enamel pins, a couple of beanies, a Silent Night, Deadly Night Santa hat, some Blu-rays, a pretty cool wood block emblazoned with the Goblin logo. All in all, a pretty successful haul.

I really cannot say enough good things and Hudson Horror, the folks the run it, the fans, or the vendors. It is all class from top to bottom. I have never run into anyone who had a bad time. Even when they don’t like the movies, there is still positive things to say. If you ever want to see how great the horror community is, you need look no further than Hudson Horror Show. Hands down some of the greatest events of the year.

I can also say it has been amazing watching this show grow into an absolute beast. I have been going since the very first show and it just gets bigger and better. This is exemplified by the fact that they keep getting more and more vendors, the last show sold out in an hour, and this show expanded into a second theater, housing 300 of the best horror fans an vent could ask for.

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