July 9, 2015

Hudson Horror Show Invades the Alamo! (Again!!)

If you know me, you have probably heard me talk about the Hudson Horror Show. There really is no doubt about this. Over the past five years, this biannual show has become one of my most anticipated events of the year. I have become friends with the great guys who run the show, as well as seemingly everybody else who goes to or vends there. I am hard pressed to think of a better event for horror and exploitation fans than these. Movies and trailers projected on the big screen from 35mm film in a theater full of like-minded fools. err, folks? What's not to love?

You are probably wondering what this is all about. Well, the Hudson Horror boys are invading the Alamo Drafthouse theater in Yonkers for the third time in a year. Last September they gave us the uncut Tourist Trap and the insane cut of Tombs of the Blind Dead that was called Revenge of Planet Ape, where it was meant to be a Planet of the Apes sequel! Then, this past March they had a triple feature that included Blood Beach, Giant Spider Invasion, and Sleepaway Camp! Sadly, I missed this one, which was attended by Felissa Rose of Sleepaway Camp!

This September (19th, to be exact) they will be returning with a pair of movies I have never seen. Yes, there are movies (lots of movies) that I have never seen. With that being said, this is going to be a special event and continues the trend of every Hudson Horror event having at least one movie I have never seen before. Also, as always, they will be projected from 35mm prints to a loving crowd of close friends, family, and new friends.

The first movie is a little oddity called Spookies. This one, originally shot in 1984 was apparently never finished until a couple of years later when they brought in a new cast and director to flesh it out. The end result is said to be completely nonsensical and completely crazy. Check out the trailer:

The second movie is one that I have been meaning to see for a long time. I guess I am going to fulfill that meaning come September 19th. The movie is The Toolbox Murders and features many kills using the contents of said toolbox. This 1978 slasher was remade by Tobe Hooper, another one I have not seen. Rest assured, this screening is of the original. Here is the trailer:

The only thing left for you to do now, is head over the Alamo Drafthouse event page and get your ticket! I've already got mine! Now, if you need any other convincing, the theater serves beer and other drinks, as well as having a full menu of food that is pretty darn tasty! I hope to see you there!

Also, if you are looking for any other cool events to watch cult films projected off of film, the Drafthouse is hosting Exhumed Films' (another cool group based out of Philadelphia) Guilty Pleasures Marathon II. It debuted last year and was a hit with films like 1990: Bronx Warriors, Night of 1000 Cats, and The No Mercy Man. This time out they will be screening: Radioactive Dreams, The Devil's Express, Redneck Miller, Blood Rage, and Ninja Busters.

For even more 35mm projection fun that I will be at, there is Dead Til Dawn Drive-In held at the Hi-Way Drive-In in Coxsackie, NY. Ten movies over two nights on September 25th and 26th. The first night will feature Dr. Butcher MD, Ruby, Night Train to Terror, Curse of the Devil, and Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks. The second night has Pieces, Daughters of Darkness, Devil's Express, Autopsy, and Night of 1000 Cats.

I know there are more around, but these are the ones I will be at and definitely worth your time. Hope to see you out there!

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