December 14, 2013

Music Video: ILSA - "120 Days"

Never heard if Ilsa before and while this is not my preferred style, there is something certainly alluring about it. The video for the song “120 Days” is a mixture of old and new, the song originates from the bands origins in the late 1980's and is now getting reissued. From the press release: Aurally merging filthy, downtuned hardcore with mid-paced deathcrust, and visually meshing their deep-rooted fascination with the occult, violence and all forms of debauchery with brutal recent live footage in the new video, "120 Days" is far from a new song. The virulent hymn is culled from the band's sophomore LP, Tutti il Colori del Buio, which was followed by multiple other recordings since. The video was created not in homage to the album but in support of its impending reissue in early 2014 including ILSA's contribution to the long lost split with Hooded Menace as a bonus track.

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