December 14, 2013

Music: Indian - "Rhetoric of No"

Ready for a little punishment? Indian have set up shop at Relapse Records and are preparing to release their second album on the label, From All Purity. To help whet your appetite, they have released a tune from the release, “Rhetoric of No.” It is a pretty crushing slab of kicking, screaming delight. Snipped from the press release: Hoping to lurch you into a full-blown, noise-strewn, holiday sound orgy, today Chicago blackened doom deviants, INDIAN, offer up a taste of their soon-to-be detonated From All Purity full-length.Recorded at Electrical Audio and Soma Studios in Chicago with engineer/co-producer Sanford Parker (Minsk, Nachtmystium, Yob, Samothrace), From All Purity places the band's notorious audio belligerence in an entirely new dimension with six ear-spearing tracks of harsh, psychologically acerbic hymns of hatred, disease and despair. From All Purity is the true antithesis of easy listening.

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