June 9, 2013

Hudson Horror Show 7: The Experience

So. Hudson Horror Show 7 is now in the rearview mirror. Parting such sweet sorrow. As the show enters its fourth year, I have come to realize that their two shows a year are among my most anticipated of the year. My interest was initially about the movies, but it as changed as the sow has grown. It is now as much about the movies as it is about the experience.

Each show is a reunion of friends, meeting new ones, seeing the increasing variety of vendors and just seeing the horror community come together in the name of the movies. This show saw me meet up with Jimmy Terror of Doc Terror's Blog of Horrors, Jude Felton of Lair of Filth, as well as guys from The B Movie Film Vault, Horror News Network, Dread Central, and more. Not to mention seeing Mike Gingold of Fangoria again. It is a great time to meet up with these great writers and horror fans.

The vendors are also becoming star attractions. DVDs to toys, to shirts, to artwork, there was a great selection of stuff. And the best part is that for those who can't go for the movies, the vendors are free to check out, you do not need a sow ticket to buy from them. I walked away with a selection of movies from VHSPS, a Zombie patch from House of Mysterious Secrets, a copy of the uncut House on the Edge of the Park from Super Creeps, and an absolutely gorgeous Inframan print from the exceptional Jeff Zornow. Seriously, come for the movies, stay for the vendors.

The show got kicked off around 1pm with show founder Chris Alo welcoming everyone and going over the show rules. This moved into what was supposed to be the trailer for indie film The Giant Spider Invasion, but the disk was no working and we were all subjected to a repeating music line... Do do do do do dooo... so infectious I gets trapped and rattles around in the rain. Never did get to see the trailer, kind of wish I bought the movie. From there we moved to a reel from indie production Midnight Show, this tribute to the Grindhouse era was a blast. Looking forward o more from them.

After a few classic trailers we got our first movie, Lucio Fulci's House by the Cemetery. This had been the secret film and the most recently announced, which became my most highly anticipated of the show. It is not my favorite Fulci, but there is something about the inspired nonsensical lunacy, especially when viewed with a horror loving audience. The print was in good shape and it was certainly fun watching the bat attack and Dr. Freudstein attacks, while wanting to punch Bob in the face over the dubbing.

The second film was a feature getting its Hudson Valley screening debut, Gone with the Pope. The film was made in the 1970s, but following the death of writer/director/star Duke Mitchell, the film sat in rights limbo into, Grindhouse Releasing was able to get ahold of it. Now, it is not a great film, but it has some crazy over the top stuff and some insanely racist dialogue. It is nowhere near Massacre Mafia Style, Mitchell's previous feature (which screened at an earlier Hudson Horror Show). It was my least favorite of the show, but still glad for it. For an added bonus they had a limited edition set of Gone with the Pope rosary beads.

The third film was one I was quite keen on seeing, Inframan. It is a Japanese science fiction superhero story that is just beyond crazy. A gaggle of monsters are threatening the Earth, so a scientist combines a man with bionics and turns him into a hero. This movie is just unrelenting entertainment. Strap in and hang on for the ride. This was probably the most fun of the day. There was almost constant laughter coming front he crowd p, further enhancing the experience.

Next up is Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. I cannot say this has ever been a favorite of mine and it had been a long time since I sat down to watch it. It is a vastly different film from the first. It is much more comical. It is a fun movie to be sure. I like how Leatherface is portrayed, he is a rather interesting killer, may need to dissect his portrayal sometime. I also love Caroline Williams in this, plus Bill Mosely is off his rocker as Choptop.

The final film of the day was Army of Darkness, completing the trilogy started with the very first show. The first Hudson Horror was headlined by The Evil Dead and the second had part 2. It was nice to finish the trifecta and also appropriate with this year being the 20th anniversary of the movie's release. I have always been a fan of this movie, it was the first Bruce Campbell movie I'd ever seen and it is a lot of fun on the screen with a crowd. I love the one liners and the over the top nature of the flick.

The trailers were great, Kung fu stuff, horror stuff, exploitation stuff, a couple of old school Lee Marvin flicks. Can't beat this stuff. Bloody Fingers, Cry Uncle, Blob, Hell Night, love these old trailers.

The crowd was mostly good. There were a couple. Of annoying comments and put of place guffaws, but not enough to ruin anything. I figure it is most likely from people who ave never experienced this before and may not get it. I understand, I was there once myself. It is a gathering a kindred spirits, sitting at the altar of fringe cinema.

The HHS guys always do a great job of mixing up the films, popular stuff, obscure stuff, a little bit for everyone. They are also some of the most approachable group I have come across. Although I am sure they get a little tired of me as I inevitably linger around on my way out the door.

Seriously, I cannot wait to do this all over again come December with Hudson Horror 8.

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