September 9, 2012

Movie Review: The Cold Light of Day (2012)

Some movies are meant to be seen on the big screen, but for whatever reason never make it there. There are also movies that seem to end up on the big screen by default when they have no right being there. I am sure sure that many of you can think of movies on both sides of the equation. In my experience this happens with horror a lot, think of movies like Creature and The Collector making the big screen while movies like Trick 'r Treat don't. I boggles the mind. The Mabrouck El Mechri directed thriller, The Cold Light of Day, probably shouldn't have seen said light of day.

Somehow this paint by numbers thriller made it past all the filters between satin production and hitting the big screen. It arrives flat, dull, and lifeless. I have to believe that the only reason it made it as far as it has is due to the involvement of Bruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver. The latter is fast becoming the go to actress when you need a CIA agent gone bad, playing nearly the same role her as she did in Abduction. I'm sorry, did I give something away? Don't worry, you'd have figured it out soon enough anyway.

I have to believe that the wide theatrical release of this movie was just a hope by the studio to squeeze a extra bucks out of it before it went to DVD, looking for something to justify its existence. The movie was originally slated for a limited theatrical run, but I guess seeing week opposition in the post -Labor Day weekend they forgives they would try another tactic. And I went for it..

To be certain, I have seen worse films than this. Much worse. The biggest sin of this particular film is that it is completely uninspired. Take a standard thriller format, plug in the familiar details and let it fly. The end result bears a passing resemblance to the Bourne films, but even that was done better this year with the forgettable Safe House (you remember that one, right? With Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington? Maybe not).

Henry Cavill stars as Will. He arrives in Madrid for a family vacation where he is picked up from he airport by his father, Martin (Bruce Willis). The two have had a frosty relationship as dad was no around all that much. Anyway, this really doesn't matter much. Before long Will has to go ashore, leaving everyone else on the boat. When he returns the boat is empty.

Confused and scared Will finds no help from the police, who may be involved. Dad shows up long enough to tell him that he was a spy. Will then finds himself being pursued by Israeli terrorists who want a briefcase hat Martin took. Not to mention a CIA agent, Carrack (Sigourney Weaver), is also out to get him as well.

Will runs, rides, and drives around the streets of Madrid, mysteriously staying one step ahead of his pursuers and avoiding gunshots from pros who have clear hots and would not usually miss (it should be noted, he are not missing on purpose, I don't think anyway). He meets a half sister and makes quick friends of people working a night club on the way to the big surprise ending.

Blah, blah, blah. Wake me up when it's over. Seriously, this is just lazy writing. There are logic gaps and some things just seem to happen, while other things are curiously never explained or expanded. There really is no reason for this movie to be except for late night cable filler. Maybe.

Not Recommended.

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