August 3, 2011

Netflix'ns: The Sinful Dwarf

Sinful Dwarf Unrated & UncutNetflix'ns is a series of review shorts of films, new and old, seen on Netflix, be it DVD or streaming. For better or worse, I sat through these films and have lived to tell the tale. These are not so much reviews as just comments on the film watched. Some will be first time views, others will be revisits. This is a work in progress.

Every once in awhile I go on a search for bizarre, little known, cult-type titles that only a select few know about. I cant tell you with absolute certainty that The Sinful Dwarf is one of those movies. While I certainly know people who know this movie, the majority of them are people I don't see all that often, when it comes to my everyday friends, none know of this bizarre little gem.

In all seriousness, you have to be prepared for a gritty, grimy, want to take a shower before it's over time. This is not necessarily the kind of movie you put on for a good time, or perhaps you do? (you know who you are, you sickos). This is a delicious gritty piece of exploitation cinema. It is a movie I like and I don't like, no matter where you fall on the scale, this is one that will stay with you.

The story opens with a young woman (masquerading as a young girl, unclear if she is supposed to be playing younger than she looks) playing hopscotch. The dwarf, Olaf (played Danish children show host Torben Bille), comes hobbling up using a cane and leading a toy mechanical dog. The woman is fascinated with it and he leads her to the rundown boarding house he runs with his mother.

"I have more toys... upstairs." he says. She willingly goes up and as she leans over to play with a toy, Olaf raises his cane and clubs her with it. Before you know it, she is naked, chained to the wall, and hooked on heroin. Yes, this is his MO. Working with his mother, a washed up showgirl), they raise money by using women as sex slaves. They take anonymous johns to the attack, they do whatever, and leave. Quite the craziness.

The story picks up with the arrival of Mary (Anne Sparrow in her only movie role) and Peter. They take a cheap room, and make love while Olaf peeps through a hole in the wall. It is not long before Olaf sees Mary as a nice potential addition to his harem of sex slaves. Will Peter find out in time? Will Mary get away? Just how depraved is this sinful dwarf?

It is a low budget offering with a gritty feel. The numerous sex scenes (none of which I can positively say are simulated) will leave feeling really dirty. This doesn't even go into the insane expressions and maniacal laugh owned by Olaf. Then there is the heroin smuggling. It just goes on and on.

This is certainly not for everyone, but if this sounds intriguing at all, be sure to dig up a copy somewhere. It is definitely a unique experience.

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