August 3, 2011

Music Review: Bain Drill - Quantum Catastrophe

Quantum CatastropheThere are some bands that in order to be a fan, you have to be slightly masochistic. Some bands push the boundaries of extreme, or brutality, and in some cares sheer listenability. It is a fact that some bands take a lot of work to like and before embarking on such a quest you must think long and hard on whether or not the return on the investment of your time is something you really want to undertake.

Some bands make it way for you to look elsewhere, a good example of this for me is a group called Locust. I saw them years ago opening for Andrew WK and they were just terrible, ten second blast songs that bore no resemblance to music, so I never bothered. One that rewards listening is Cephalic Carnage, they are pretty incredible. Now, with Brain Drill, you have a band that is decidedly in the middle.

With a band name like Brain Drill and an album name like Quantum Catastrophe, they would seem like a shoe in for me to like. Toss in a pretty cool cover and you appear to be on your way to a trifecta. I went into this experience with no prior exposure and hopes of some crazy insanity. What I got was certainly crazy and most definitely insane, but I was not sure how much I liked it, if at all. A few more listens and I. Realized I liked it, but not as something I wanted to listen to all the time.

Listening to this album willingly means you are prepared to inflict some pain upon yourself. Amidst your standard cookie monster vocals is some incredibly technically precise guitar wizardry and some blasting drum beats. I have also been led to believe there is bass, but I cannot attest to it's actual presence as I cannot quite locate it. You will also notice that for as technically incredible they are, there is not much in the way of songs. It is so much shredding without much of a song. I am hard pressed to really get into a groove.

It is like being battered with those mini baseball bats, or even better, actually having your brain drilled, kind of like this:

To that end I still find some attraction to this. Their skill needed to pull his stuff off is pretty crazy and I must admit to enjoying listening to it on occasion. Just please do not force it on me, I will come back to it, but it as to be on my terms.

Mildly Recommended.

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