July 21, 2011

Music Review: Vomitory - Opus Mortis VIII

Opus Mortis VIIII was a little hesitant of listening to this at first. This was for a couple of reasons. First there was the Roman numeral for 8 at the end of the title, what did that mean? Was that indicative that this is the eighth in a long running series of albums? Nope. It turns out the answer is, innocently enough, that this is the band's eighth release. Then there is the more off-putting reason, the band name. Vomitory. Wow, if there ever was a list of band names that were more metal than metal, this would have to be on there somewhere. Just think, but only for a minute, about the title, reflect on what it implies. Pleasant, is it not? I suspect I am in for a wild ride.

Earlier this year Vomitory unleashed Opus Mortis VIII upon an unsuspecting world. The long running death metal titans seem to have done something good as the death metal faithful appear to be loving it. Hopefully that bodes well for me, this is going to be a new artist for me. Despite my long love affair with music, I am discovering something new on an almost daily basis. Vomitory is one of those new acts to me that should hold some promise based on my tastes.

The first track, "Regorge in the Morgue" (love that name), kicks off with some cool bass before launching into a full frontal death metal assault. It is fast, brutal and ready to tear your face off, While it does give the listener a good indication of what is to come, it is far from the best track. In fact both it and the second cut, "Bloodstained," are strong death metal entries but it is not until the third song, "They Will Burn," that the band begins to pick up some steam and really impress me.

From there straight on through, Vomitory continue to play straight up death metal in an old school fashion (at times I a reminded a touch of Entombed) but the face crushing brutality is softened just a touch. In its place there is a dose of raw melody. Yes, you read that right. There are moments of interesting melody and some face melting solos. This is the sort of stuff that I really like. While I do have room for some face crushers, I like what they did on a lot of the other tracks, they add flavor. Not necessary a comforting flavor, it is more like they lift your head up with a gentle, but firm grip, lining you up for that killing blow. Rather than straight ahead pummeling you, they add a little style. Just enough mind you, this is not a revolutionary sort of release, just one that brings a touch more to the table upon execution.

Vomitory may not be a name that conjures up pretty images, but it isn't supposed to. Considering their chosen style and profession, it seems to be more than fitting. Not sure how inclined I am to visit much of their catalog, but this album is sure to stay on my ipod for awhile! This is loud, angry music that fulfills its purpose and seems to have arrived at just the right time for me.


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