July 24, 2011

Music Review: The Plot in You - First Born

First BornEarlier this year The Plot In You released their debut album for Rise Records. The album is called First Born and delivers a sound that is firmly entrenched in the hardcore/metalcore world. It seems these days that metalcore is something of a dirt word in the metal world' the once dominant sub genre has been falling out of favor with big metal aficionados. I am no so sure I fall in the same camp, but there is certainly something to be said for the style and the fact the market is saturated with a lot of bands ha sound the same.

That is one of the problems with The Plot In You, they strike me as a band that wants to break the chains of sameness and mediocrity, but they don't quite make it. As I listen to the album I cannot help but feel I have heard it better before from other bands. The truth is I have. This leads us into another area of music, an area that a lot of people downplay or just don't want to talk about it but is no less important. That is the idea that music can be good an enjoyable without breaking any new ground.

This is a band that has crafted an album that is enjoyable to listen to but does not take the genre anywhere we have not already been in the past. The record is filled with guttural vocals, a couple of clean parts, blasting drums, and plenty of breakdowns. What helps is the energy, it is a factor that is not always easy to quantify. It is a subjective element, in my estimation it is a winning piece for The Plot In You. It helps transform what could be a boring, ho hum affair into something worthwhile.

First Born is a solidly produced, well paced affair that is sure to get some blood flowing and inspire some pit-based showdowns. It is not one that will long be remembered outside a select few fans. The band seems to yearn to break free of the sameness of the gene, yet always seem to fall back on the tropes that have developed over the years.

The vocals remain primarily in the guttural range with a few excursions into a clean style. This helps inject some anger and emotion into the proceedings, which helps when the lyrics often read like a high schooler's poetry. The semblance of sincerity in the delivery can help cover up faults in other areas. The guitars are suitably heavy and the breakdowns are standard but heavy, and he drums keep everything surging forward.

A couple of strong moments surrounded by mediocrity, all delivered with a dose of high energy result in an enjoyable yet ultimately forgettable experience.

Mildly Recommended.

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