May 3, 2011

RIP Yvette Vickers

This morning I read that Yvette Vickers had died. I stumbled across it at Bloody Disgusting. Frankly, I cannot say I recognized the name, but being the horror buff that I am I checked out the article. What I found simultaneously horrified me and saddened. It said that her body was found mummified, which indicated that she could have been dead for more than a year already. I can only imagine what her neighbor must have felt when she made what must have been a grisly discovery.

I am sure some of you are wondering who Yvette Vickers was. She was a Playboy model and a centerfold in July of 1959 (shot by none other than Russ Meyer). She also acted, having appeared in Sunset Boulevard and the James Cagney directed Short Cut to Hell before going on to star in such cult films as Attack of the 50 Foot Woman and The Attack of the Giant Leeches.

Ms. Vickers was twice divorced and had no children. She apparently lived alone and was regarded in the neighborhood as "the elegant, blond-haired woman who kept to herself and tended to her flowers" (SFGate). Her neighbor became concerned as mail piled up and was covered in cobwebs. That is when she found Ms. Vickers remains. Officials are saying it could take a week to confirm that the body is that of Yvette Vickers.

Throughout the day today thoughts kept coming to me that I should watch both of those cult sci-fi films. I know I have seen them, but it has been a long time and I think I may have a better appreciation of their B-grade and their cult status. Also, I could not help but think of how sad it must have been to die like that.

I have no idea what may have caused her death and I am not going to make any guesses. However, the act remains that she died and no one noticed. How can something like this happen? Was she living that lonely a life? Did she have no friends or relatives to check on her? When something like this happens it has to give you pause.

I do not know about you, but I am afraid of loneliness. I am scared that the further in life I get the fewer people I will have around me. Loved ones will pass and I will be left alone. The thought of dying and not being thought of for a year to discover my death is scary. It is also profoundly sad.

My thoughts and prayers go out to anyone who may have been close to Ms. Vickers. From the more recent images I have seen she seems like a lovely woman who appeared to be very satisfied with her life. She will live on in the minds of B-movie lovers around the world.

Article first published as RIP Yvette Vickers on Technorati.

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