May 3, 2011

Music Review: Rabbits - Lower Forms

Lower FormsI do not think I will ever be amazed by how many bands there are that I know little to nothing about. So many of the bands I have written about only came to my attention because I was writing about them. I would like to saw that I would have come across a few of them had I not started this site so many years ago but I cannot say of that would have happened or not. On the other hand there are bands that I wish I had not come across. Rabbits is one of those bands. Ugh. Listening to them helps me appreciate the pretty things I life.

Rabbits' Lower Forms is just a muddy, dirty, sludgey, grimy record that really does not do much for me. It is not like I don't like this low-fi grungey sound, I am reminded of bands like Cough and Dragged into Sunlight, both of whom I enjoy more than this.

It is hard to quite put my finger on and I have thought on more than one occasion as I approached this review that perhaps I should consider passing on it and finding something that I enjoy more. I guess if you are a an of these guys you should perhaps skip reading this. Heck, if you don't like them, don't know them, or are indifferent to them you may want to skip this as well.

While the low-fi production certainly works in their favor with the instruments that do not sound like they've been produced within an inch of their lives. They sound like they just set themselves up in a garage and went a it. On the flip side of that, forget the possibility of melody and groove. This music is the antithesis of that.

The guitars and drums have a few cool moments throughout on songs like "Duck, the Pigs,” and "The Flow Below," but the vocals are excruciating, they go right through me head.

I don't know, this just doesn't work for me and I suspect it will no be entering my listening rotation anytime soon. I just don't feel it and I don really care to.

Not Recommended.

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