February 19, 2011

Reviews in Retrograde: The Addams Family Reunion

Critical Outcast isn't my first attempt at a website, I had a few stutter steps in the late 1990's and early 2000's. These attempts generated a whole bunch of poorly written, often very short and spoilerific reviews. I recently stumbled upon them in my archives and thought you may be interested in seeing some of these early attempts at writing. They are as they were then, I make no apologies for how bad or how short they are. Feel free to have at them with reckless abandon! I present to you: Reviews in Retrograde.

The Addams Family Reunion

The Addamses are on a hunt for the rest of their extended family, and it leads them into a most interesting assemblage of normalcy.

The Addamses are back. This time with Tim Curry and Daryl Hannah as Gomez and Morticia, as opposed to Raul Julia and Anjelica Huston from the previous two. And sadly, the series has taken a serious dive into mediocrity since the wonderful first film. This one has the Addams going to a family reunion, of course, this isn't how it works out. Through a mix-up at the reunion agency, they get sent to a Adams reunion. They don't fit in and standard Addams fare occurs.

As for the cast, it was better than I expected. Tim Curry is bizarre enough to bring a good performance to Gomez, although he loses steam pretty quick. I had serious reservations about Hannah being Morticia, she turns out adequate enough, giving that dark aura a kick. The best of the cast is the new Wednesday, picking up where Christina Ricci left off. The darkly sarcastic and dry humor is wonderful and the high point of the film.

The movie would be good to kill a slow night, but I wouldn't go out of my way.

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