December 3, 2010

Music Review: Phobia - Unrelenting

Where to begin. Just when you think you may be getting into it, it's over. Seriously. Unrelenting is exactly what its title says it is. Phobia is one of the fathers of grindcore, and this apparently shows them off doing what they do best. What is that, you ask? Grinding it out. They do not seem to care about what you think or what you want, this is about the abusing their instruments in fits and spurts of violent music.

17-songs long and clocking in at just over 14-minutes, Phobia's latest release is not going to overstay its welcome. Plus, if you don't like it, it will be over very soon. To say this is a change of pace from the last album I was listening to (featuring songs that crossed the 8-minute mark) is an understatement. On Unrelenting the longest song fails to crack two minutes and the majority are under one minute.


I thought I had heard grindcore before, but I am going to have to defer to genre experts. I did see a band live called The Locust that played songs that were this short, but I could not stand them. In the case of Phobia I can sort of get into it, although I have to admit that it really isn't for me. The songs are too short for me to really have any reason to get into them.

Phobia certainly are a focused lot. The quartet formed way back in 1990 and have been active since then, despite having a former member list as long as my arm. That is something for what really is an underground act. I don't care how revered they are in their genre, it is not a mainstream sound, period.

I guess I should think about wrapping this up. Still, I am really not sure what to say about this other than fans will like it. I am not it's target audience and I am do not know anyone in my life who is. I guess I should probably apologize for even attempting this considering my experience. This just does not have enough meat to get into and it is over before it begins.

Not Recommended.

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