December 3, 2010

Music Review: Kill the Client - Set for Extinction

The more I listen to what is called grindcore music, the more I realize it really isn't a sound for me. Well, at least no in the traditional sense. This realization was driven home during my recent listening to Phobia's latest release, Relentless. I cannot say that I really liked it at all. There are bands that I have seen referred to as grind that I have enjoyed, Pig Destroyer somewhat and Cephalic Carnage definitely. However, when I listen to someone like Phobia, I have to wonder if is something I really want to listen to. Curiouser, I have since decided to check in with another grindcore act, Kill the Client. Stranger still, I kind of like it.

The Dallas, Texas quartet has been grinding it out since 2002 and do not sound one iota like legendary Texas heavyweights Pantera. It is amazing the amount of influence those guys had on the entire state of Texas, it is rare to get an act that doesn't sound like hey are borrowing from them. Of course, I may just not be looking hard enough.

Kill the Client appears to follow the rules that have been set out to be a grind band. These things include a brutally violent sound that  am guessing is meant to resemble death metal on speed, short songs, a non-slick production, and a lot of blasting sounds. Now, I cannot say I love all of these elements, but there is something in the execution of Set for Extinction that I like. The problem is that, for me, it is more like the building blocks to something good, as if they were just beginning to write and just have just not completed it.

That's it, this metal fan is going to look at this like a sampler album where you get a taste of what they are cooking up before the big reveal. Yes, I realize this is the big reveal, but let me have my fantasy. Please?

Nineteen songs in just over 26-minutes. Wow, Kill the Client wastes no time, just like a good grind band does. The time you spend with them is brief, crushing, and angry, so very angry. You have to admire them for going for the jugular. This is not a band that is going to waste time letting a song develop or grow, it is all about getting to the point and getting out.

Heavy riffs, blast beats, growled vocals, and a laser beam intensity are the calling cards for Kill the Client. This album of theirs is one you are going to know right away if you like or not. If you don't care for the early stuff, the latter stuff is not going to win you over.

I think the reason I like this is that the sound very much leans in the direction of metal and I love some of the heavy riffs and willingness I have in letting them pound my skull to pieces. Then I get sad as the typical grindcore song length comes into play. Just as I am getting into it, it is over.

Bottomline. If you are a grind fan, you are going to like this. If your tastes are more metallic in nature, check them out online and if you like it and can deal with such short tunes, you should give it a shot. I like the beginnings of what is here, I just wish it wasn't grind and we could let the songs breath some.

Mildly Recommended.

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