August 17, 2010

Burlesque Gets Weird Poster

You know, I think this movie actually looks like it could be good. Sure, it features a non-actress in Christina Aguilera, but it does also have pop-star turned Oscar winner Cher alongside Oscar-nominee Stanley Tucci and Kristen Bell. Yes, it also looks like a familiar coming-of-age, zero-to-hero type story. Actually, I am oddly reminded of Coyote Ugly, itself not an original concoction, but similar in tone. At least based on the first trailer. Now we get the first poster.

Take a look at the poster below, does it strike you as being a little bit strange looking? It does, doesn't it? There are many elements that just feel off as if not much thought was put into their placement. At a glance nothing seems terribly wrong with it, your eyes are drawn to the important parts that the studio wants you to be aware of, but if you look at it for longer than ten seconds the oddities begin to reveal themselves.

Check out the spotlights. They seem to be randomly placed without much thought to their relation to the subjects and they appear to be coming out of nowhere. There is no real-world relation between their placement and the people depicted.

Now, those dancers in the front. What happened to their heads? Is this a zombie movie featuring decapitated dancers? Now that could be interesting.

Then there is Christina Aguilera herself. She looks a little orange, doesn't she? And the dress to, I guess, stretch pants(?) is a bizarre look. At least I am guessing that is what it is supposed to be, otherwise we may be looking at a strangely posed Barbie doll.

Still, I hope for the movie!

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