May 20, 2010

New Movies and Box Office Predictions: 5/21

This week's wide releases -
Shrek Forever After

As we head into the third weekend of blockbuster season I feel underwhelmed. Seriously. It got off to a bang with Iron Man 2 but Robin Hood was underwhelming last week.This weekend brings the third sequel in a series whose second sequel was terrible and a feature length adaptation of a questionable Saturday Night Live skit. Still, it's not like I have no interest. In the wake of Iron Man 2 the excitement level just isn't that high.

MacGruber. (2010, 99 minutes, R, action comedy) I admit, I do not watch much Saturday Night Live these days, but I have had the displeasure of seeing the MacGruber sketches. Who in the world thought thi was a good choice for a feature film? The sketch is just awful, runs too long and is just not funny. Now, here is the ironic thing, I think the movie actually looks pretty funny. I will see it and hope for the best, just shocked that it looks funny at all. The cast includes Will Forte (of course), Kristen Wiig, Ryan Phillipe, and Val Kilmer.

Shrek Forever After. (2010, 93 minutes, PG, animated comedy) I am not sure how I feel about this movie. I really enjoyed the first one, the second was also quite entertaining, but the third was just awful. For awhile Shrek was Dreamworks crown animated jewel, although it has since been surpassed by the likes of Kung Fu Panda and How to Train Your Dragon. It will be interesting to see if this sequel can brink back any of the glory the series once had. I will say the trailers look pretty good. I guess time will tell how worthy it is.(or isn't).

Also opening this week, but not near me:

  • 180 South
  • After the Cp: Sons of Sakhnin United
  • Father of My Children
  • Holy Rollers
  • Kites
  • Perrier's Beauty
  • Racing Dreams
  • Solitary Man
Box Office Predictions
So, What do you think? Shrek at the top? I thought so. It is going to pack in the families and the 3D dollars to take the top spot, the only question is how high will it go? Now, what about MacGruber? The R rating is sure to keep it in check. The rest will begin its slide, although I suspect Iron Man 2 will still do pretty well.

Here is how I think it could play out:

RankTitleBox Office
1Shrek Forever After$98 million
2Iron Man 2$36 million
3Robin Hood$20 million
4MacGruber$15 million
5Letters to Juliet$7.5 million
6Just Wright$4.5 million
7How to Train Your Dragon$3.75 million
8Date Night$2.5 million
9A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)$2.25 million
10The Back Up Plan$1.5 million

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