April 29, 2010

Android App Review: DialZero

DialZero_IconTired of punching buttons on the phone when you are trying to get some help? Well, tire no longer. The DialZero app has appeared in the Android Marketplace to help you avoid punching buttons through endless menu options. It functions much the same as its iPhone counterpart right down to the comments section.

When you open the app you are greeted with three tabs: Search, Latest Comments, and Head-to-Head. By default you will be in the Search tab which features a seach box (duh) and an alphabetical listing of all the included companies. So, if you do not feel like typing, go ahead and take a scroll down the list until you find the one you are looking for.

DialZero_HOLDNow just what is DialZero? Well, it is a listing of companies customer service numbers and the methods you can use to bypass their automated menu systems that will have you clawing the walls and wanting to rip the heads off of bats. It is as simple as selecting a company, check the "To get a live person" section and tap the phone number to call. When the phone is answered use the steps from the prior screen to cut through the preamble and get to where you can resolve your problems.

There is a little bit more to the app than this. On each company page are comments and feedback from other users based on their experiences. Plus, if you want to skip right to the comments, use the "Latest Comments" tab from the main page. This section is by and large useless due to the general intelligence level of the commentes and the lack of moderation. Still, they can be good for a laugh and there are the occasional good responses.

Fortunately, I have not had to call that many support lines, but when I do, this is going to prove quite helpful.

Interested in adding DialZero to your Android device? If you have a bar code scanner installed, use it to scan the code at the right to begin the download. Otherwise, look it up in the Android Marketplace.code_145_DialZero

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