January 22, 2010

Tumbl'd Entertainment News For the Week of 1/22

Each week the entertainment world is flooded with news. Big news, little news, inconsequential news, and funny news. It flies around the web at breakneck pace and no matter wear you turn, no matter what entertainment site you go to, it all looks the same. Sure, the opinion may be different, but the core piece of information is the same.

Now, I would love to get in on the fun, but I barely have time to read it, much less write it. So, I try to do the next best thing, I send some of the more interesting (to me) stories out across the web on the Critical Outcast Tumblr Blog and then, at the end of the week, gather them together and add some of my own thoughts. Hopefully, you will find this interesting, entertaining, and maybe even worthwhile!

Avatar for Haiti
This is rather cool. Instead of dropping the bucks on another screening, why not donate that money to help the disaster relief in Haiti?

Pirahna 3D has Gotten Kicked out of April
Apparently, the Dimension has gotten cold feet about releasing the horror remake this April where it would have to compete with the anticipated Kick Ass. To avert the confrontation, the studio has pulled the Alexandre Aja (Haute Tension, The Hills Have Eyes) directed film and moved it tentatively to August. The trailer had just began running and I was looking forward to it. I have heard good things from screenings that have already happened. It looks goofy, campy, and I hear it is quite bloody.

Can Mel Still Pack a Theater?
With the upcoming release of Edge of Darkness, this column questions whether or not Mel is a box office draw. It is an interesting question, as it has been some time since Gibson appeared in a film and in the meantime has had his share of controversy. On top of that, other action stars of his era are not exactly the draws they used to be, look at guys like Bruce Willis and Sly Stallone. I, too, am curious how it will turn out. I think he still has some gas in the tank and this movie ould seem to play to his strengths.

Predators Set Photos
Nimrod Antal's latest project is shooting and some stills have made it to the web. I am hoping this wipes out the Alien vs. Predator films and delivers something compelling.

Cloverfield Sequel?
This movie proved to be an incredible cinematic experience, a new take on he monster movie that breather life into the genre and opened up a new world to explore. It appears that a sequel is still a possibility according to JJ Abrams. I know I would love to take another trip into this world, I only hope it is not another "found footage" type of movie.

Paranormal Activity 2 has a Director
I am really skeptical about a sequel to this surprising hit. I loved the film. I left feeling really creeped out. The sequel is going to have to do something very different than the first to work. Kevin Greutert has signed on to direct. His last film was the surprisingly good Saw VI. I find it odd that he was not retained for the seventh in the franchise, which will be helmed by David Hackl who directed the lackluster fifth film. To make things even more interesting, the two will open head to head on October 22. I am curious to see this battle and hope that the results are a pair of good films.

The Resurrection of the Christ Coming to Theaters?
Indie producer Bill McKay is prepping a film of Jesus resurrection to hit the big screen. The film is said to include Gladiator-esque elements. I cannot see this working, but I admit to being intrigued. We will see if it actually comes to pass.

Push to be Made for Television
The superhero film, which was actualy pretty good, is being developed as a television series. I think it could work. I could see it being what Heroes should be. The movie did jus seem to get the pieces in place for a bigger story and this may be our opportunity to see that story.

Spider-Man has a Director
Marc Webb has signed on the dotted line to take on a new series for Sony. This comes after rumors that Sam Raimi was pushing for Predators director Nimrod Antal. Webb made his directorial debut with the fantastic (500) Days of Summer. Decidedly different from what you expect a superhero movie to be like. That said, he is a new voice and I look forward to what he has to offer. I just hope that he and whoever writes the script are able to do so with minimal studio interference.

Necrosis - Trailer
This low-budget horror film's trailer just debuted and while I do not think it will be great, it does look like fun. We also get to see what former pop star Tiffany has been up to.

Alice in Wonderland Featurette
The first featurette has arrived and wouldn't you know it, it focuses on Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter.

Clash of the Titans to go 3D?
The studio is thinking of making this a 3D release, but do they have enough time to meet the March release date? I think they should give the 3D a rest. I like it, but they are going a little crazy with it. Not to mention How to Train Your Dragon is slated to open in 3D on the same date.

MacGruber - Trailer
This SNL skit is terrible. Can they really be making a movie out of it? This trailer says yes.

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