May 6, 2009

Christopher Lee Back in the Hammer Fold

Hammer Studios is back in action having staged a couple of new productions in recent years. That alone is ineresting news, but this news makes it even more worthwhile of your time. Christopher Lee has signed to appear in their next film.

Why is this such good news? You must not be familiar with their history. Chistopher Lee rose to fame early in his career with Hammer appearing their Frankenstein, Dracula, and Mummy series, not to mention countless others. In short, Hammer and Christopher Lee are nearly synonomous.

The new film is called The Resident. Hilary Swank will star as a woman who discovers her landlard is stalking her. Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Supernatural, Watchmen) will also be appearing in the film that is set to shoot this June in New Mexico.

Whether or not this will recapture the glories of Hammer past is yet to be seen, but the cast (aside from Lee), shooting location, and plot do not really say "Hammer" to me.


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