March 10, 2009

New Fantastic Four on the Horizon is reporting that Fantastic Four is gearing up for a remake. Surprised? Yeah, me too.

It seems that Fox likes the successful formula that made Iron Man a hit last year and is seeking to replicate that film's success. As odd as I think it is for a film to get the reboot treatment so close to its first emergence, I am definitely intrigued by the possibility of correcting issues of those first two films.

Yes, this is a planned reboot meaning that none of the original cast or creative team will be returning. So, let the fantasy casting begin! Hopefully the casting steps it up from the first two (although I must admit to liking Rise of the Silver Surfer). The casting of three quarters of the four was good, with the exception beign Jessica Alba. It will be interesting to see who they find to fill the spandex.

All of that said, FF has great potential for big, epic stories laced with humor, not unlike Iron Man. You know, that is the perfect film to take cues from, as I think the comically serious tone would be perfect for this franchise.


Anonymous said...

I wasn't a huge fan of the first two movies. If you read some reviews I think most would agree. I am looking forward to the new remake, hopefully it will be better, and not a waist of time or money.

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