February 24, 2009

Box Office Update 2/20-2/22: Madea Takes the Weekend in Decisive Fashion

Tyler Perry's latest feature rose to the top of the box office with a dominating performance. Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail easily beat the competition on its way to a debut take north of $41 million. I cannot say I have ever felt the drive to go to any of Tyler Perry's films, and have never actually seen one, but the man definitely has his fans. The best I can say is congratulations. The man has his own voice and makes the films he wants to makes, and seems to have a great time doing it.

Following in second place is Coraline, slipping just 22% while climbing three places on the chart. It is good to see people taking advantage of the 3D projection before it loses all of those screens to the Jonas Brothers concert movie. At this point of the year, Coraline is hands down the best new film of 2009. It is a magical piece of animation that tells a captivating tale and does not rely on comedy to move the story along. The 3D also looks fantastic.

Third place is held by the surprisingly strong legs of Taken. This week represents its largest dip yet, but it is on the cusp of becoming the second $100 million earner of the year. The film is a wild action film that goes gleefully over the top while retaining its edge. I can say I never thought I would see Liam Neeson as the action star.

He's Just Not That Into You has begun its descent down the charts. With Valentine's Day in the rear view mirror, its relevance is beginning to drop. Still, it has pulled in a nice chunk of money and is actually a pretty good movie.

Fifth place is held by the surging Slumdog Millionaire. The film rose 15% in its gross this week and is poised to cross the $100 million mark. I wonder if its eight Oscar wins will help push it further? I figure it cannot hurt and the movie really is quite good.

Falling from its perch high in first place, Friday the 13th (2009) stumbled all the way to sixth place. The high expectations that came with its strong opening last week were dashed in the shadow of an 80% drop. I have to ask, where are the horror fans? The film, while not perfect, is a highly entertaining slasher film.

Seventh place is owned by Paul Blart: Mall Cop. This family comedy is doing very well, and despite what you may think, is a good movie. It has a good heart, is legitimately funny, and is entertaining for the whole family. I am interested in seeing what they will do with the proposed sequel.

Confessions of a Shopaholic owns eighth place and is not doing as strongly as I would have thought. I found the romantic comedy to be surprisingly effective, I found myself connecting with the movie in a way I did not see coming. No, it is not a great film by any stretch, but it is quite good.

A new film staked a claim on ninth position. Fired Up opened with little fanfare and no big name star to help carry it along. It is a teen-targeted cheerleader sex-romp with modest expectations. It actually turned out to be pretty funny.

Rounding out the top ten is the fast backsliding thriller, The International. This evil bank movie turned out to be a lot better than I was expecting. It was a bit talky at times and not terribly clear in its intentions, but it was fast paced and featured a great set piece in the Guggenheim.

Next weekend will surely be dominated by the 3D Jonas Brothers concert movie, while Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li will fight it out for the leftovers.

Two movies dropped off the top ten this week: Pink Panther 2 (11) and Push (13).

This WeekLast WeekTitleWknd GrossOverallWeek in release
1NTyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail$41,030,947$41,030,9471
33Taken (2009)$11,281,262$95,034,1614
42He's Just Not That Into You$8,558,225$70,100,9013
59Slumdog Millionaire$8,384,680$98,354,39515
61Friday the 13th (2009)$7,942,472$55,119,6632
76Paul Blart: Mall Cop$6,821,377$121,200,9306
84Confessions of a Shopaholic$6,742,778$27,378,0492
9NFired Up$5,483,778$5,483,7781
107The International$4,463,916$17,031,2002

Box Office Predictions Recap
Unlike the box office figures, my ability to come anywhere near guessing the reality of the box office has not been going up. This slide that has been ongoing for awhile now and is showing no signs of letting up. Sad thing is, I actually felt a bit more confident going into this weekend than I had in awhile. Unfortunately, confidence did not translate into success. I was off on pretty much everything. I can't wait until blockbuster season starts, I tend to do better then.

Here is how the field matched up:

ActualPredictionTitleWknd GrossPrediction
11Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail$41,030,947$22 million
62Friday the 13th (2009)$7,942,472$19 million


3He's Just Not That Into You$8,558,225$14 million
34Taken (2009)$11,281,262$13 million

$11 million

86Confessions of a Shopaholic$6,821,377$9 million
97Fired Up$5,483,778$8 million
78Paul Blart: Mall Cop$6,821,377$7 million
59Slumdog Millionaire$8,384,680$5.5 million
1010The International$4,463,916$5 million


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