January 4, 2009

New Doctor Who Chosen

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Matt Smith is to be the new lead of Doctor Who. And with that announcement I can here a collective: "Who?" Hehe, funny on many levels..... In any case, the television actor, who is virtually unknown, at least here in the States, will be the new Doctor.

It was a few months ago that news broke that David Tennant would be leaving following the fourth series and a few more televised movies. It is a shame, as I have really enjoyed his run as the good Doctor. He brought great humor and intelligence to the role. Of course, I was unsure of his replacing Christopher Eccleston after his one season run left quite the impression.

Matt Smith, 26, will be the youngest to step into the Doctor's shoes and pilot the Tardis. Hopefully he will not disappoint. We will see when episodes begin airing in 2010.


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