December 10, 2008

Twilight: New Moon is Ready to Roll

Following the incredible initial success of Twilight (a film I did not particularly care for, but never mind that), it appears that Summit Entertainment is getting ready to move forward witht he second film according to Bloody Disgusting. All they need now is a director.

Recently Catherine Hardwicke was relieved of the director's chair following reports of her odd decision making and being generally hard to work with on the set. So, while the script is completed and the cast is signed, they need to find a director, especially if they hope to have the sequel on screens come next Fall.

Summit would like to see a turnaround similar to Saw, where one film hits theaters and then production begins on the next one. This is opposed to the rumors that the second and third films would be shot back to back. Personally, I would have thought a back to back schedule would prove beneficial, especially considering the step drop in the second weekend. You know, get them in the can before the audience drops out. But what do I know? I know, I know, not much when it comes to the rabid Twilight fanbase.

There is a director in mind. It is said that Chris Weitz is close to signing on the dotted line. An interesting choice. He made a name for himself with American Pie and About a Boy, then proved he is not up big fantasy with the decidedly less than stellar The Golden Compass. If nothing else, it will be interesting to see what he can bring to the table.


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