December 28, 2008

Judge Rules in Favor of Fox Over Watchmen

The case does not even enter court until sometime in January, but on the eve of Christmas a judge has released a five page written order granting Fox copyright interest in the Watchmen film shot by Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures. This does not bode well for the release and that is not a good thing. This report is comign from the New York Times.

Back in the 1980's Fox bought the rights to make the film adaptation, which they took to Lawrence Gordon. The project fell through and Gordon went to Paramount and then Warner brothers where it was eventually shot. It was believed that Gordon held the rights when Warner bought them. Fox kept quiet the whole time, letting the film get made and promotion started before speaking up and claiming they owned the copyright. Fox went to the courts and is seeking to stop the pending March release. The issue gets a little more complicated as Paramount is stillk involved as the overseas distributor.

I truly hope that something can get worked out as what I have seen of the movie looks absolutely spectacular. The movie is truly one of the highest anticipated features of 2009. I think it is going to come down to money, I do not believe anyone wants this to sit on the shelf, but it wll be a big question as to who gets how much of the pot.


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