November 6, 2008

Sideways to be Remade.... in Japan

So often we hear about Japanese, Chinese, French, and Spanish films being remade after a filter through the Hollywood machine that we rarely hear about the remake going in the opposite direction. Variety is reporting just such an occurrence.

The 2004 Alexander Payne film, Sideways, is being remade in Japan for release next Fall. Principal photography is currently underway, including location shooting in California's Napa Valley. This shooting is under the watchful eye of first time feature director Cellin Gluck, who is no stranger to pictures on either side of the Pacific, working on the 2007 Japanese film Midnight Eagle as well as working as Assistant Director on Transformers.

The cast features stars Rinko Kikuchi, Kyoka Suzuki, Fumiyo Kohinata and Katsuhisa Namase. Kikuchi is the only one with notoriety in the East, having received an Oscar nomination for her role in Babel, plus a role in the upcoming heist picture The Brothers Bloom.


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