October 28, 2008

Sepultura and Volkswagon - What?

Here is an oddity I never thought I would see. Sepultura performing in a Volkswagon commercial. Of course, it is in Portuguese, but it is still something I never thought I would see. It is kind of funny watching the crowd getting ready to go wild only to have the band break into a bossa nova. Sepultura is also prepping their next album A-Lex, a concept album based on the novel A Clockwork Orange. It will also be he first Sepultura release not to have someone named Cavalera on it.

I found this on a forum translating:
Narrator: "Sepultura like this it's the first time you see"

Song lyrics:
"The little coconut has fallen onto the beach's sand
Little wave took into the sea
Litlle coconut goes, little coconut comes..."


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