October 1, 2008

Robin - Batman = The Graysons

Variety is reporting that Warner Brothers and The CW are beginning development on a new pre-Superhero series. The show, tentatively titled The Graysons, takes a look at Dick Grayson and the years before he dons a cape and mask as Robin, Batman's famous sidekick.

The series is being developed as a potential replacement for Smallville, which may be on its way out. It could also be used as something of a sister series should Smallville continue past this season. The funny thing is, if you asked me about the Clark Kent show last year, I would have told you I wanted it gone; however, through the first couple of episodes this season, I feel like it has stronger focus and is actually better, it doesn't hurt that Kristen Kruek's Lana is gone, man her character got annoying.

Anyway, The Graysons will follow the same pattern as Smallville, following young Dick as he makes his way in the world before becoming a costumed hero. I wonder just how young they plan on going? I would assume high school age, but how long will they be able to go before they introduce Bruce Wayne? I would think the Batman would have to appear in some form on the show.

In the end, all I hope for is that it is better than the failed Aquaman pilot. I also must admit that I would be interested in a Green Arrow themed spinoff.


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