October 10, 2008

Chinese Democracy is Real?!?

Tell me if you believe this, November will see the release of a new Guns 'n Roses album. True or False. At the moment it is true, according to Blabbermouth.net. Not only that, the album will be a Best Buy exclusive.

This album has been rumored to be coming out for years, but it kept getting pushed back, and pushed back, and pushed back again. Honestly, I never thought this album was going to come. I remember when End of Days had a new GNR track during the end credits back in 1999. I remember being a little anxious to hear it, but then I did and it was not good at all. Then there was the MTV awards show where Jimmy Fallon introduced Axl and his current Guns line-up, and they didn't sound all that good then. Frankly, I lost interest in any new Guns material. All I need Appetite for Destruction, thank you very much.

Now November 23rd is the day when Chinese Democracy will hit stores. Before that date, you will be able to get a taste when a new song plays during the credits to Body of Lies. The song is called "If the World" and will not appear on the soundtrack album.

Well, here's hoping that the wait was worth it. I will be checking it out, but I cannot say I have high expectations.


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