September 19, 2008

AC/DC - "Rock and Roll Train"

AC/DC has a new album coming out next month (October 20th to be exact), called Black Ice. It will be sold exclusively through Walmart, ugh. Anyway, they have a new video out for the lead single, and by definition it rocks. Although, I have to question if this was any other band if it would get this sort of attention? AC/DC has not changed at all since their inception, fine tuning their considerable rock and roll skills for decades, but, while I like it, it does seem like more of the same.

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Seeing AC/DC in concert is a great treat for me. Their live music is just as loud and tight as their albums. Some bands sound bad live, but AC/DC in concert kicks some serious butt! I got my tickets already and found their tour info here and it's a pretty big tour, so don't miss your chance to catch them.

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