July 7, 2008

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - Stills

Looking forward to the sixth Potter flick? I cannot claim to be a huge fan of the series, but they definitely are entertaining films, with my personal favorite being the Alfonso Cuaron helmed Prisoner of Azkaban. In preparation for the new film a number of stills have been made available. Take a look:

HP6D-00278 HP6D-00827 HP6D-02691 HP6D-00255r HP6D-00817s HP6D-05462 HP6D-05547 HP6D-05801 HP6D-01436r HP6D-04117 HP6D-03401r HP6D-06391r HP6D-08574r HP6D-08016r HP6D-00427r HP6D-00141r


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