March 6, 2008

David Gordon Green to Direct Suspiria Remake?

Make of this news what you will, but it does not appear that the remake mania that has swept through Hollywood will be going away anytime soon. I am not one to automatically dismiss a remake, but I have to wonder what will come of this proposed Suspiria remake. I admit, it is an intriguing idea, and the original could possibly be improved upon, assuming the team brought in has genuine vision. Could David Gordon Green be that man to inject new life into the Dario Argento classic? is reporting it as a possibility.

Green has been branching out as of late, so it would seem likely that a horror film could be a natural fit for someone looking to try other genres. The writer/director is known for his character driven films such as All the Real Girls and Undertow. He recently wrapped work on his first genre film, the comedy Pineapple Express, produced by Judd Apatow and starring Seth Rogen and James Franco. Time will tell if he can handle comedy as deftly as drama, but I am leaning towards giving him the benefit of the doubt. Having Apatow helping out cannot hurt matters in my mind.

As for Suspiria? The film is a fantastic film with some gruesome intensity and beautiful use of color (I believe it was the last film ever shot in Technicolor). I suspect that should David Gordon Green actually sign on, he will be able to improve the character driven elements, I just hope that he can deliver on the visual side of the coin as well.

This project could go wither way, but signing a talented director is the first step in making the project a worthy undertaking.


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