January 29, 2008

Movie Media: Definitely, Maybe - Poster, Stills

Also:See my review of the movie.
Definitely, Maybe is a new romantic comedy that looks like it could be fun. It doesn't hurt that it has an appealing cast and a premise that feels somewhat fresh. Ryan Reynolds stars as a single father taking care of Abigail Breslin. Breslin wishes to know about her mother and Reynolds is reluctant to say, so he makes up a story involving his three serious girlfriends. Those girlfriends are played by Elizabeth Banks, Rachel Weisz, and Isla Fisher. A ton of new stills and a new poster have been released and are here for your viewing pleasure (and don't forget the previously posted trailer):

DMCVNS_D002_01706[1] DMCVNS_D005_03815[1] DMCVNS_D009_07065[1] DMCVNS_D003_02215[1] DMCVNS_D005_04809[1]

DMCVNS_D001_00756[1] DMCVNS_D001_01011R[1] DMCVNS_D002_01325[1] DMCVNS_D002_01347R[1] DMCVNS_D002_01591R[1]

DMCVNS_D002_01676[1] DMCVNS_D003_02480[1] DMCVNS_D003_02633[1] DMCVNS_D003_02714R[1] DMCVNS_D004_03667R[1]

DMCVNS_D004_03120[1] DMCVNS_D005_03813R[1] DMCVNS_D005_04771R[1] DMCVNS_D006_05038[1] DMCVNS_D006_05079[1]

DMCVNS_D007_05511[1] DMCVNS_D006_05314_05318R_COMP[1] DMCVNS_D009_07321[1]


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